Film is one of 10 artistic disciplines in YoungArts’ national competition. This discipline encompasses narrative, documentary, experimental, and animation filmmaking. 

YoungArts winners in film during a shoot

Competition Eligibility

To be eligible, you must be able to answer ”Yes“ to these statements:

  • I am either a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident/green card recipient, or I can demonstrate that I am legally able to receive taxable income in the United States.  
  • I am in grades 10–12 or 15–18 years of age on December 1 of the year I am applying. 
  • If I’m selected as a Finalist, this would be my first time attending National YoungArts Week.

Application Requirements

The most competitive films are well edited and showcase original and clear storytelling, while demonstrating strong elements of character and theme. 

The 2024 YoungArts application opens June 6, 2023.

Have Questions?

See our FAQ for answers to common questions about the competition and application.

Tips and Testimonials from Winners and Guest Artists

Application tips | Kimberley Browning & Rick Delgado (1992 Film), National Selection Panelists

Application tips | Doug Blush (1984 Film), Guest Artist

2023 Application Film Info Session

What was your YoungArts experience like? | Danielle Stolz (2015 Film)

What was YoungArts impact? | Sheema Golbaba (2010 Film & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

Select Films from Winners

Kai Tomizawa

Dusan Brown

Delana Lewis

Henry Spritz

Kayla Briët

Every cliché thing people said is, indeed, true. I feel like I know my YoungArts friends more than any of my friends at home—even though it’s only been a week.

— Thomas Kim (2019 Film)