Equity & Belonging

We believe safe spaces that promote empathy, a sense of belonging, and humanity hold the greatest potential for innovation, creativity and collaboration across all art forms.

Actively evolving as an anti-racist and anti-oppressive organization is, and will remain, a priority for YoungArts. We acknowledge our responsibility in confronting, disrupting and dismantling systems of oppression, systemic bias and institutional inequities in our organization and in the arts to ensure the inclusion of all people who have been historically excluded. We recognize this level of transformation requires continual learning, accountability, transparency, and is critical to change.

Questions? Email belonging@youngarts.org.


Our Commitment

YoungArts is committed to listening, learning and collaborating with artists, and to using its platform to advance equity, inclusivity and belonging within the organization and in the arts.


Core Values

Our core values underpin our efforts to provide artists with space, funding, mentorship, professional development and community. We strive to incorporate and communicate them throughout all of our programs.


Relentless pursuit of quality; maintaining a rigorous artistic practice; delivering the best in all we do.


Working together to create and elevate our shared potential. Trust, transparency and teamwork are all integral components of our interdisciplinary approach.


The deliberate intention of creating and upholding safe spaces that promote equity, diversity and a sense of belonging. We celebrate and value all lived experiences, identities, ethnicities and cultures.


The willingness to explore, try new ideas, and remain flexible, nimble and open. We believe everyone needs space to explore and room to fail.


We value all voices and practice kindness, empathy and benevolence in all our expressions and actions.


Prioritizing honesty, sensitivity and trust in all our actions. We believe in acting in accordance with our highest principles and upholding our values.


Who We Are

To ensure artists and those whose work supports artists are free to achieve their fullest potential, YoungArts is committed to creating spaces rich with diversity of imagination, celebrating and valuing all lived experiences, identities, ethnicities and cultures. Our work is ongoing. 

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