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About YoungArts

What is YoungArts?

What does YoungArts do?

Where is YoungArts located?

Is YoungArts a school?

Does YoungArts offer classes?

Is YoungArts a museum?

Who is eligible to apply to the YoungArts competition?

When are applications accepted for the YoungArts program?

Does YoungArts award grants or other monetary benefits to non-profit groups or individuals?

Where does YoungArts receive its funding?

How do I make a donation to YoungArts?

Do I get a tax deduction if I donate to YoungArts?

What provisions are there for people with disabilities?

Can I teach at YoungArts?

I am an emerging artist over the age of 18 and no longer in high school. Can YoungArts help me with my art and artistic career?

Application Submission Process

What is my deadline to apply to YoungArts?

How do I apply?

What are the YoungArts eligibility requirements?

What documents are required to demonstrate eligibility?

What are the application requirements?

If I have already graduated high school, may I still apply to the YoungArts program?

Can I apply to YoungArts if I was a previous winner?

What artistic disciplines does YoungArts accept applications for?

Can I apply in more than one discipline or category?

What is the fee for applying to YoungArts?

What if I cannot afford the application fee?

How do I pay my application fee?

Can I get a refund after I pay the application fee?

How do I submit my portfolio, audition or other submission materials?

Can I begin my application before my audition/portfolio materials are ready to upload?

What do I do if there is already identifying information on or within the work I’m submitting?

Can YoungArts advise me on the materials I’ve selected to submit in my application?

Am I able to view past winner’s submitted applications and/or portfolios?

Am I able to submit the same work I’ve previously submitted to other competitions or festivals?

Does YoungArts share my application information with colleges, conservatories and universities?

If I do not win, can I apply again the following year?

Can I apply again with the same material I submitted in a previous application cycle?

How do I know if you received my completed application?

What if I have more questions about the application or competition?


How will my work be evaluated?

How many applications does YoungArts receive and how many winners are there?

Notification and Awards

Does YoungArts offer scholarships?

How will I be notified of my status in the competition?

Does YoungArts provide feedback to applicants who do not receive an award?

When are YoungArts winners announced?

What types of awards can I win?

What is U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts (PSA) and how does it relate to YoungArts?

Is it possible to be a winner in more than one discipline or more than one category?

When are award checks mailed?

If I win, is my school recognized as well?

Is there a benefit to applying even if I don't win?

YoungArts Programs

What is National YoungArts Week?

What other programs are available to all award levels?

What expenses are covered for participation in an in-person program?

I’ve been selected to attend an in-person program, but I’m concerned about travel. Are other accommodations available?

I have a dietary restriction. Can YoungArts make accommodations for me?

If I have a pre-existing medical concern, or if one arises while I’m at a program, how will I be cared for?

Are all public events suitable for children?

YoungArts Community

What does it mean to be a YoungArts award winner long term?

I’m a past award winner. How can the YoungArts community help me?