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Rest Before Rest, 2022
Mark Fleuridor, "Rest Before Rest," 2022

Where to find YoungArts winners at Miami Art Week 2022

By YoungArts | November 26, 2022

Miami Art Week 2022 is here! We’re excited to welcome the global art community and our local neighbors to our city’s largest annual celebration of art and culture. Miami Art Week is a special time for YoungArts as we get to see some amazing past award winners showing work all over Miami and making their mark on the art scene locally and worldwide. 

Joining in the festivities? We’ve collected a short list of exhibitions and fairs including YoungArts award winners so you can make them part of your Miami Art Week plan.

Sunshine featuring works by Mark Fleuridor

YoungArts Gallery

2100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137 
Miami Art Week hours: Nov. 28–Dec. 3, 10 AM–6 PM; Dec. 4, 10 AM–4 PM 
On view through Dec. 10 

Mark Fleuridor (2015 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) 

Inspired by ancestral lineage and the subtropics, Miami native Mark Fleuridor’s current exhibition, Sunshine, is on view at the YoungArts Gallery for Miami Art Week with extended hours. 

Co-curated by acclaimed artist Derrick Adams and YoungArts Associate Curator Luisa Múnera, Sunshine explores the progression of Fleuridor’s body of work and the narratives that emerge from his quilt-making, collages and watercolors. 

Art Basel Miami Beach 

Miami Beach Convention Center 

1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139 
Dec. 1–2, 11 AM–7 PM; Dec. 3, 11 AM–6 PM  

Celebrating 20 years in Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach exhibits leading galleries from five continents and significant works by masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as the new generation of emerging stars.  

Daniel Arsham (1999 Visual Arts)

  • Based in New York, Daniel Arsham straddles the line between art, architecture and performance. Architecture is a prevalent subject throughout his work; environments with eroded walls and stairs going nowhere, landscapes where nature overrides structures, and a general sense of playfulness within existing architecture. 

Nicole Eisenman (1983 Visual Arts)

  • Nicole Eisenman is a contemporary American artist known for her inventive, figurative painting and sculptures. Utilizing bright colors and wry subject matter, Eisenman’s complex paintings tackle tropes of Western art history. 

Naomi Fisher (1994 Visual Arts)

  • Naomi Fisher explores the culture clash between the science and politics of climate change and materialistic excess through a feminist lens. Over the past 20 years, her work has spanned painting, drawing, performance, photography, video, and site-specific installation, often in collaboration with dancers.

Jean Shin (1990 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) 

  • Jean Shin is known for her sprawling and often public sculptures, transforming accumulations of discarded objects into powerful monuments that interrogate our complex relationship between material consumption, collective identity, and community engagement. Shin amasses vast collections of everyday objects while researching their history of use, circulation and environmental impact. 

Kehinde Wiley (1995 Visual Arts) 

  • Los Angeles native and New York-based visual artist Kehinde Wiley has firmly situated himself within art history’s portrait painting tradition. As a contemporary descendent of a long line of portraitists, Wiley engages the signs and visual rhetoric of the heroic, powerful, majestic and the sublime in his representation of urban, black and brown men found throughout the world. 

AxelBeach Hotel

1500 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 
Nov. 28-Dec. 3 

Dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community, this exhibition is hosted by the fun and inclusive AxelBeach Hotel. 

Patty Suau (2003 Visual Arts)

  • Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Cuban American artist Patty Suau is the creator of the Tiny Fckn Pix series. Drawings form the core of her work; in her series of miniature erotic drawings, the pieces are no larger than three inches in height or width and are framed in oversized frames. 

Boil, Toil + Trouble

Miami Design District  

39 NE 39th St., Miami, Florida 33137

Nov. 29-Dec. 11, 12 PM-7 PM  

Boil, Toil + Trouble is an exhibition that brings together contemporary painting, sculpture, video, installation, and performance by 20+ contemporary artists whose works speak to the mundane, magical, and mythical aspects of water. Boil, Toil + Trouble is curated by Zoe Lukov and organized by Art in Common, a nonprofit founded by Abby Pucker and Zoe Lukov. 

Naomi Fisher (1994 Visual Arts)

The BluPrnt

Bridge Red Studios 

12425 NE 13th Ave. N Miami, FL 33161 
Nov. 20, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023 

The BluPrnt is a group show curated by Robert Chambers featuring Miami artists. Bridge Red Studios is an artists’ complex in North Miami consisting of 10 working artist studios and an exhibition/project space.

Diana Eusebio (2016 Design Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

  • Working across photography, fashion design and textiles, Eusebio researches the lived experiences and intersections of global Blackness and Latinx identity. Eusebio’s dreamlike and colorful work focuses on the body and garment as tools for fashioning stories exploring identity, cultural expression and representational freedom. 

Mark Fleuridor (2015 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

Lee Pivnik (2014 Visual Arts)

  • Lee Pivnik is a Miami-based artist working predominantly in sculpture, video and social practice. In his artwork and curatorial projects, he attempts to help produce a more regenerative, biophilic, ecozoic world. In 2017 he started the Institute of Queer Ecology, a collaborative organism that works to imagine and realize an equitable multispecies future. 

Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Design Arts, Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

  • Influenced by his Caribbean and African American Heritage, Tulloch’s work transcends the barriers of photography, fine art and architecture. He focuses on how creative mediums can be combined to tell powerful stories, with lighting and colors becoming characters in his work.  

Nadia Wolff (2016 Design Arts, Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

  • Based in Miami and Providence, Rhode Island, Wolff is a Haitian American artist, designer and writer. Their work–which ranges from installation, textiles, performance, printmaking, film and poetic interventions–contemplates queer/Black/Caribbean aesthetics, history and embodiment through a lens of intimacy. 

ChromaTone: Voices from Miami

Green Space Miami

7200 Biscayne Blvd., Unit 1, Miami, FL 33138 
Nov. 15, 2022–Jan. 14, 2023
Wednesday-Saturday, 11 AM-6 PM; Sunday, 12 PM-3 PM (by appointment only) 

ChromaTone: Voices from Miami is a group show of the artists’ works in response to the iconic Coppertone billboard. Green Space Miami, located in Miami’s historic MiMo District, is the Green Family Foundation’s community art space dedicated to Miami-Dade County artists.

Diana Eusebio (2016 Design Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

Coralina Rodriguez Meyer (2000 Visual Arts)

  • Coralina Rodriguez Meyer is an Andinx (Muisca/Inca) American, Brooklyn and Miami based artist and urban designer who translates structural and domestic violence into American heirlooms. Her role as a Quipucamayoc (urban designer, culture keeper, community organizer) activates her vulnerable community to perform their citizenship by building sovereignty and solidarity with civic action.

Far Away Yet So Close (Muy Lejos Pero Tan Cerca)

Edge Zones Art Center

3317 NW 7th Ave circle, Miami, FL 33127
Nov. 19–Dec. 7;  Reception during Miami Art Week: Dec. 3, 7 PM-10 PM 

Bringing contemporary art from Dominican Republic and its diaspora into dialogue, Far Away Yet So Close is a multidisciplinary project encompassing new commissions in a diverse mix of media and forms, live performances, a publication and an exhibition. Edge Zones is an artist and volunteer–run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami.

Diana Eusebio (2016 Design Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

The Floral Impulse

David Castillo

3930 NE 2nd Ave., Suite 201, Miami, FL 33137 
Nov. 29, 2022–Jan. 28, 2023 
Tuesday–Saturday, 10 AM-6 PM (or by appointment) 

David Castillo presents the Floral Impulse, an exhibition of works by over 25 artists organized by Xaviera Simmons in curatorial collaboration with David Castillo. The exhibition contemplates the long history of the floral still life genre and the mythologies, symbolisms and historical references encoded within pictorial representations of flowers. 

Nadir Souirgi (1994 Visual Arts) 

  • Through his work and research, Nadir Souirgi seeks to locate himself within the entanglements between Atlantic history, conservation science and Creole identities. Souirgi is a painter whose artistic practice includes performance, writing and bird watching.

Live Art Creation at Solana Embassy 

Solana Embassy

215 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Dec. 1, 3 PM-8 PM 

A one-minute walk from the Wynwood walls, the Solana Embassy is hosting interactive live art experiences, featuring digital art on a 20-foot immersion screen.  

Kira Bursky (2014 Film)

  • An award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist, Kira Bursky has produced over 60 short films and videos. She is inspired by her personal mental health journey and is driven to tell stories through her Film & Art Production company, All Around Artsy. Solana Embassy is also hosting her first-ever wearable art fashion pop up, featuring a limited supply of pieces for sale. 

Love Lost, Miami

Green Space Miami 

7200 Biscayne Blvd., Unit 2, Miami, FL 33138 
Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 6 PM-10 PM

Love Lost, Miami is an annual exhibit of objects revealing stories of heartbreak that live in our own backyard. This year, organizers will be exhibiting the work of local artists who, through their medium of choice, represent the love and loss theme. Love Lost is on view at Green Space Miami. 

Patty Suau (2003 Visual Arts) 

Passages presented by AIRIE 

The Carter Project  

3333 NW Sixth Ave., Miami, FL 33127
Dec. 3-Dec. 4, 12 PM-4 PM 

Created by Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Design Arts, Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Passages uses projection mapping, video and audio that envelop an entire room. Passages is an immersive, site-specific installation that brings the Everglades to Miami Art Week. The installation is on view at the Carter Project, a live/work/experiential space designed by artist Christopher Carter located in Miami’s Wynwood Norte neighborhood. 

Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Design Arts, Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

PRIZM Art Fair 

4220 N Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127 
Nov. 29–Dec. 11, 10 AM-6 PM 

PRIZM Art Fair presents over 60 emerging and established galleries and artists offering their varied Diasporic narratives and perspectives, riveting conversations lead by new and established thought leaders in Diasporic Visual arts practice and cutting-edge events and installations. 

Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Design Arts, Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)

Quarantine Nudes 

The Wilzig Museum Building – Naomi Wilzig Erotic Art Museum 

1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 

Nov. 28, 2022-May 29, 2023, 11 AM-6 PM

Located in the Wilzig Museum Building in Miami Beach, WEAM is is a museum, library, and education think tank that uses its collection to illustrate the history of erotic art.  

Kevin Berlin (1983 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) 

  • Kevin Berlin is an international artist best known for painting, sculpture, and performance based in Southampton, New York and Florence, Italy. Quarantine Nudes by Kevin Berlin is a solo show that revisits the classical nude with spontaneity, directness and artistic reflection on years during the COVID-19 pandemic spent in Italy. 

Soho Miami Pool House

107 NE 25th St, Miami, FL 33137

On the boarder of Edgewater and Wynwood, the brand-new Soho Miami Pool House is opening in time for Miami Art Week. Their art program features both emerging and established, museum-level artists who are creating work in Miami, with an emphasis on Afro-Caribbean and Latinx backgrounds. Open to Soho House members only.

Priscilla Aleman (2009 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) 

  • Priscilla Aleman’s training in archaeology influences her practice for creating sculpture installations, enabling her to retrace ideas around the afterlife, pre-Columbian cosmology, and the interplay of cultures from the global south. Bringing an understanding of past traditions in the Americas and its environmental history, Aleman crafts her own sanctified installations as deified monuments and memorials. 

Malaika Temba (2014 Visual Arts) 

  • Malaika Temba is a textile artist based in New York. She is highly influenced by art at the intersection of visuals and sound. Her lens and creative process are global, nourished by her experiences living in Saudi Arabia, Uganda, South Africa, Morocco and Maryland. 

Untitled Art 

Ocean Dr. & 12th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139 

Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 11 AM-7 PM 

Untitled Art is the leading independent art fair on Miami Beach. Guided by a mission to support the wider art ecosystem, Untitled Art offers an inclusive and collaborative platform for discovering contemporary art by emerging artists and historical figures. 

Jean Shin (1990 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) 

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