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Watch: Staff Favorite National YoungArts Week Performances

By YoungArts | December 16, 2022

2023 National YoungArts Week is around the corner!

Only a few weeks are left until the finalists arrive in Miami, enjoy collaborating with other winners from across the country, receive mentorship from leading artists in their disciplines and wow us with nightly performances and presentations! 

All this excitement has us fondly remembering National YoungArts Weeks past, and we asked YoungArts staff to share some of their favorite performances. While nearly everybody said, “This is too hard! Can I pick more than one?” here are some of the amazing performances that have stuck with us here at YoungArts.

Keilań Lockett | Popular Voice | 2019 National YoungArts Week

Britney Tokumoto | HR Coordinator

“Amazing performer and singer. I can’t wait to experience the performances in person and watching this video gets me very excited for National YoungArts Week!”

Sydney Burtis | Tap | 2017 National YoungArts Week

Heike Dempster | Associate Director of Public Relations and Outreach

“This performance reminds me of my first National YoungArts Week, and I just always felt very moved by this piece. Watching it takes me back into the theater with the winners, artists, colleagues. I think everything about this piece comes together perfectly.”

Tomi Akinwande | Theater Performance | 2022 National YoungArts Week+

Nick DaCosta | Strategic Communications Coordinator

“Simply put— Tomi’s unabashed talent, spark, skill level, and vulnerability!”

Sahara Sidi | Writing/Creative Non-Fiction | 2019 National YoungArts Week

Rebekah Lengel | Deputy Director

“The raw honesty and vulnerability that Shara shares through her writing is a reminder of why I come to work every day- to support artists.”

Elliott Skinner | Jazz Voice | 2013 National YoungArts Week

Lee Cohen Hare | Creative Director

“One of the best vocal performances I’ve seen period.”

Jasmine Morgan | Play/Script Writing | 2022 National YoungArts Week+

Zayra Campos | Artistic Program Coordinator

“Beautiful writing. 2022 was my first National YoungArts Week and this one really amazed me!”

Ricky Ubeda | Modern | 2014 National YoungArts Week

Alyssa Krop-Brandfon | Director of Advancement Operations

“Ricky’s skill is obvious, but his emotiveness really gets to you. And of course, he gets extra love for being from Miami!”

Victoria Clara Canal Tinius | Singer/Songwriter | 2015 National YoungArts Week

Alyssa Krop-Brandfon | Director of Advancement Operations

“Victoria’s so talented. She’s her own version of a triple threat – singer, songwriter, and musician. And she’s using her talent as a platform for her activism, which is both impressive and inspiring.”

Dance | Finale | 2019 National YoungArts Week

Josybel Martinez | Senior Director of People and Culture

“We are all different – and that’s beautiful.
In art, we find commonalities – and that’s truly magical!
Love this performance! The energy, the passion, the happiness.
At YoungArts, we believe safe spaces that promote empathy, a sense of belonging, and humanity hold the greatest potential for innovation, creativity and collaboration across all art forms.”

Want to find your favorite? Check out our YouTube channel for playlists organized by year and discipline, performance clips, stories and application tips.

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