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Home: Reimagining Interiority

By YoungArts | October 3, 2022

Home: Reimagining Interiority, a group exhibition featuring works by 20 YoungArts award winners, opened at the YoungArts Gallery in spring 2022. Co-curated by Dr. Joan Morgan and Dr. Deborah Willis, directors at the NYU Institute of African American Affairs, Center for Black Visual Culture, the show explores the significant ways Black visual narratives respond to the dynamic cultural, political, social, economic and intimate changes that have forced us to (re)interrogate previous conceptions of Blackness and home.

“…this idea of the Black home is a multiplicity; it’s not a monolith. It really shows all our different cultural backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds and how they kind of build up this collective sense of identity but also their very own individual spaces,” said featured artist Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Design Arts & Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts).

Featuring photographic and text-based artwork created against the backdrop of the pandemic, artists across disciplines and generations draw the viewer in to show the intimate and personal impact of larger social and political events that we are only beginning to understand.

“It’s about shifting geographies. It’s about the fact that home travels with its subjects. And this exhibit was such a beautiful reminder that COVID wasn’t really disrupting what we knew of as home, it was actually forcing people to lean further and further into it and preserve it. That means that home exists no matter what we do to it,” Dr. Morgan explains. 

The exhibition was on view in the YoungArts Gallery in Miami from April 7 through August 1, 2022 and has since traveled to The Department of Photography & Imaging, Tisch Gallery at NYU, where it will be on view October 3 through December 19, 2022. 

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