YoungArts 2022-23 Annual Report

Letter from Our President

Since joining YoungArts in early 2023, I’ve been thrilled to become part of this brilliant community and devote my energy to dreaming about how we can support YoungArts award winners, from the moment they declare “I’m an artist” and for the rest of their lives. Reflected in this report are small snapshots from the past season that reveal a path toward the world we envision: one where artists are valued, nurtured, mentored, resourced, and ultimately, embraced as vital to our humanity. But we are just getting started.

Our successes in the 2022-23 season provide a launching pad from which to dream forward. As you experience the stories that follow, I invite you to join me in considering these questions:

  • In the years that come, how might we expand our resources in partnership with others to meet the needs of artists no matter where they live and work? 
  • How could we better equip young artists with interdisciplinary skills, career-advancing tools and knowledge of contemporary practices so they can take part in a more collaborative, interdependent ecosystem? 
  • And how will we broaden our definition of artistic excellence to include more artists and aesthetics and imagine a more expansive and interconnected community? 

With our minds on these possibilities, the future we build with and for artists becomes limitless. 

Thank you to all who made the 2022-23 season a resounding success. I hope you share my enthusiasm for what lies ahead. 

Clive Chang 

President, YoungArts 

Who We Are


YoungArts identifies exceptional young artists, amplifies their potential, and invests in their lifelong creative freedom.


A world that embraces artists as vital to our humanity.

Our Values

Our core values are excellence, collaboration, inclusivity, experimentation, respect and integrity. These concepts underpin our efforts to provide artists with space, funding, mentorship, professional development and community. We strive to incorporate and communicate them throughout all of our programs.

2022-23 At A Glance

Artists engaged throughout the 2022-23 season1

Over 10,000

Young artists applied to the competition2


New YoungArts award winners3


Artists directly supported4


Active users on YoungArts Post5


Paid to artists in grants, awards and fees for service6


1Over 10,000 artists engaged with YoungArts throughout the season by applying to the competition, attending or leading programs, and receiving funds.

27,010 applications from 50 states and 27 countries submitted for the national arts competition. 

3736 awards granted to 702 artists. For a full listing of 2023 winners, visit

4Awarded funds, attended programs, or hired to lead programs

5YoungArts Post is a free, private, online platform for award winners to connect, share their work and discover new opportunities.

6Paid to artists in grants, awards and fees for service including YoungArts Week and LABs; creative opportunities, such as residencies, exhibitions, and publications; space grants and microgrants; and professional development trainings

Who Are the 2023 YoungArts Winners*



Gender Identity

*Figures represent numbers of awards made in the 2022-23 season. One winner can receive multiple awards.  

Text Only Chart Data: 2023 YoungArts Winners

2023 YoungArts Awards by Discipline

Classical Music: 143 awards (19.43%);
Dance: 57 awards (7.74%);
Design: 21 awards (2.85%);
Film: 53 awards (7.20%);
Jazz: 85 awards (11.55%);
Photography: 36 awards (4.89%);
Theater: 42 awards (5.71%);
Visual Arts: 33 awards (4.48%);
Voice: 133 awards (18.07%);
Writing: 133 awards (18.07%).

2023 YoungArts Awards by Demographic

Arab American, North African or Middle Eastern: 35 (4.8%);
Asian or Asian American: 240 (32.6%);
Black or African American: 65 (8.8%);
Hispanic or Latino: 83 (11.3%);
Native American or Native Alaskan: 10 (1.4%);
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 5 (0.7%);
Prefer Not to Answer: 23 (3.1%);
Two or More Races: 74 (10.1%);
White, non-Hispanic: 201 (27.3%). 

2023 YoungArts Awards by Gender Identity

Female: 452 (61.41%);
Male: 259 (35.19%);
Non-Binary: 22 (2.99%);
Not Listed: 3 (0.41%).

2022-23 Highlights

National YoungArts Week returned in person after two years of being held virtually.

From January 8 to 15, 2023, 138 young artists from 26 states traveled to Miami (all expenses paid) to National YoungArts Week. While in Miami, they participated in seven days of interdisciplinary and discipline-specific programming with nationally and internationally recognized guest artists, including conductor Gerard Schwarz, jazz saxophonist Charles McPherson, poet Richard Blanco, actor BD Wong and multi-hyphenate performance artist Taylor Mac.  

Microgrants provided vital funding to 209 artists in 32 states and Washington D.C., as well as 4 additional countries.

Akenya Seymour, a 2011 winner in Voice from Chicago, IL, won a YoungArts Creative Microgrant in June 2023. Akenya’s $5,000 microgrant covered recording costs and legal fees, allowing her to finish her debut album, Moon in the 4th. Akenya said that receiving the microgrant was “affirming” and that with the launch of her album will “allow [her] to make a statement about who [she is] and what [she] can do creatively.” 

Creative and emergency microgrants provided $300,000 in funding in the 2022-23 season.  

YoungArts launched a new national partnership with Anthropologie.

YoungArts launched a new national partnership with Anthropologie to provide the Leading with Creativity Awardan unrestricted $10,000 grant—to five talented artists, along with the opportunity for them to work with members of Anthropologie’s creative team—including store window design for the holiday campaign, score development for a commercial, and the design of a candle capsule collection, the proceeds from which will benefit YoungArts. Artists selected for the inaugural year of this partnership include: Priscilla Aleman (2009 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), Coco Allred (2016 Visual Arts), Isabela Dos Santos (2011 Film), Oscar Garay (2020 Visual Arts) and Anton Kot (2019, 2020, 2021 Jazz).  

Photo by Ben Draper.

YoungArts offered artists avenues to experiment and present work through partnerships nationwide.

Through arts and cultural institutions like Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York, Fountainhead Arts, Jacob’s Pillow, Joe’s Pub and more, YoungArts expanded opportunities and exposure for artists across the country. At Baxter St, Priscilla Aleman (2009 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts), participated in a residency to bring her exhibition In a Field of Ancient Stars to life.

YoungArts’ Artist Fellowship Program provided a full year of custom support to emerging artists.

The Artist Fellowship Program offers a practicing artist personalized supportfunding, space, networking and project consultation—for the development of a new work. Boston, MA-based actor and writer Noah Putterman (2005 Winner in Theater & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts) used his fellowship experience to research and develop the script of Roxbury’s Hidden Figures, a play he is co-creating with collaborator Collin Knight, who grew up in Roxbury, MA. The play, which is currently still in development, aims to uncover and share some of the lesser-known stories of Black women and their contributions to society.  

I can’t stress enough how vital it was that YoungArts never pressured me to force the process to a pre-determined “product.” The project is continuing to evolve, and the fact that they understood that my initial proposal was far too ambitious for a single fellowship, yet they still recognized its promise and potential, speaks to their understanding of the creative process and their faith in artists.” 

— Noah Putterman, 2022-23 Artist Fellow 

2022–23 Financials



Text-Only Chart Data: 2022-23 Financials

2022-23 Revenue

Individuals: FY22 ($2,148,072), FY23 ($3,187,385);
Corporations: FY22 ($1,299,315), FY23 ($1,264,714);
Foundations: FY22 ($7,456,695), FY23 ($7,751,889);
Government: FY22 ($252,069), FY23 ($356,771);
Earned Income: FY22 ($101,409), FY23 ($146,118);
Endowment Income: FY22 (-$6,802,895), FY23 ($3,225,420).

2023 Expenses

Programs: $10,279,060 (76%);
General and Administrative: $1,152,535 (9%);
Advancement: $2,050,362 (15%).

2022-23 Expenses

Programs: FY22 $8,401,736 (75%), FY23 $10,279,060 (76%);
General and Administrative: FY22 $827,198 (7%), FY23 $1,152,535 (9%);
Advancement: FY22 $2,031,193 (18%), FY23 $2,050,362 (15%).

Contributions and other receivables$1,327,209$1,441,487 
Prepaid expenses and other assets$396,586 $339,642
Interest in charitable remainder unitrust$121,834 $118,681 
Property and equipment, net of depreciation$25,868,384$25,850,714
Total Assets$82,989,531$80,653,175
Liabilities and Net Assets20232022
Accounts payable$527,322 $641,306 
Total Liabilities$527,322 $641,306 
Net Assets
Without donor restrictions$39,318,116 $38,052,462 
With donor restrictions$43,144,093$41,959,407 
Total Net Assets$82,462,209$80,011,869
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$82,989,531 $80,653,175

The information presented reflects the consolidated 2022–2023 audited financials which include both the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, Inc. (d.b.a. YoungArts) and the National YoungArts Foundation Supporting Organization. 

Thank You

Many people make YoungArts programming a reality, and we are grateful for the time, energy and experience you share. 

Board of Trustees

as of June 30, 2023

Sarah Arison | Board Chair
Richard Kohan | President of The Board
Natalie Diggins | Secretary
Richard S. Wagman* | Treasurer

Derrick Adams
Doug Blush, 1984 Film
Hampton Carney
Linda Coll
Kristy Edmunds
Jonathan Flack
Danielle Garno, Esq.
Rosie Gordon-Wallace
Michi Matter Jigarjian
Jason Kraus
Steven Marks, Esq.
Lauren Matthiesen

Michael McElroy, 1985 Theater
Dr. Joan Morgan
John J. O’Neil, Esq.
Glenda Pedroso
Victoria Rogers
Jean Shin, 1990 Visual Arts & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts
Zuzanna Szadkowski, 1997 Theater & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts
Sandra Tamer
Debi Wisch
Maurice M. Zarmati

Trustees Emeritus

Armando M. Codina
Meryl Comer
Justin DiCioccio

Agnes Gund
John J. Kauffman
Dr. Ronald C. McCurdy

Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón
Desmond Richardson, 1986 Dance & U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts  
Marcus Sheridan

*Denotes Trustee Emeritus

YoungArts Staff

2022–23 Donors

We are grateful to the many individuals, foundations, corporations and government entities that provided support for YoungArts programming during the 2022-23 season. 


Barbara and Amos Hostetter  

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 

Sidney and Florence Stern Family Foundation 


7G Foundation / Michi and Charles Jigarjian 



Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation 
Sarah Arison and Thomas Wilhelm 
Jeffrey Davis and Michael Miller 
State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture 

Agnes Gund 
Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs 
Northern Trust 
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 
Psycho Bunny 

Rockefeller Brothers Fund 
Sandra and Tony Tamer 
Bruce and Ellie Taub
Truist Wealth 


Jay Franke and David Herro
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Leslie and Jason Kraus 

Ashley Longshore
The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation
Podhurst Orseck, P.A. 

Jen Rubio and Stewart Butterfield
UBS Financial Services, Inc. 


Jody and John Arnhold 
The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation 
The Batchelor Foundation, Inc. 
Bloomberg Philanthropies 

Jill Braufman and Daniel Nir 
Franco Da Costa Gomez and Denise Weinstein 
David Dechman and Michel Mercure 
Natalie Diggins and Oren Michels 

The Fine and Greenwald Foundation, Inc. 
Hearst Corporation 
Paul Wilmot Communications* 
PYRO Communications LLC


291 Agency 
Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation 
Braman Miami 
Rona and Jeffrey Citrin 
Meryl Comer 
Yulia I. Dultsina and Kirill Goncharenko 
Dana Farouki and Mazen Makarem 
Lynn and Martin Halbfinger Charitable Fund 

JP Morgan 
Richard and Amy Kohan 
Daniel R. Lewis and Valerie Dillon 
Olivia Marciano 
Lauren Matthiesen 
City of Miami Beach, Cultural Affairs Program, Cultural Arts Council 
Miami Downtown Development Authority 
Sami and Hala Mnaymneh 

Red Butterfly Foundation 
Corey Robinson 
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Nicolas Rohatyn 
Laurie Tisch 
Olivia Walton 
Debi and Steven Wisch 
Randi Wolfson and Chris Adamo 


Bacardi U.S.A., Inc.* 
Hampton Carney and Florent Bonadei 
Sebastian and Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter 
The Alvah H. and Wyline P. Chapman Foundation 
Charina Foundation, Inc. 
Brian Donnelly and Julia Chiang 

Edward Fisher 
Frank and Jennifer Graziano 
Greenberg Traurig, LLP 
Philip Margolius 
Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation, Inc. 
Joanne Rosen and Amy Cappellazzo 

Richard Roth 
Sheldon and Susan Schneider 
Troy and Miriam Templeton 
Terlato Wine Group Ltd.* 
Trivest Partners, L.P. 
Verity Partners 


Derrick Adams and Michael Chuapoco 
Americans for the Arts 
Greg Avis 
Spencer Bailey 
Bal Harbour Village 
Alec Batis 
BDT Capital Partners, LLC 
Theodore and Lynne Bernstein 
Jill Brienza 
Dawn Burgess-Krop and Harry Krop 
James Cesare and Claudia Carulla Cesare 
Victoria Cochran 
Corwin Family Charitable Foundation 
The Cowles Charitable Trust 
Jennifer Deason 
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz 
Eleanor Flomenhaft 
Julia Fowler 
Casey Fremont 
Danielle and Gregory Garno 
Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Roy Wallace 
Hannah Gottlieb-Graham 
Andrea Guttag 

Ronnie Heyman and Ward Blum 
Daniel Hoag 
Phyllis Hollis 
Sarah Hoover 
The Hostetler / Wrigley Foundation 
Sheree Hovsepian and Rashid Johnson 
Glen R. Irani and Edith Beaucage-Irani 
Thomas Keller 
Irene Kim 
Sharon Kirkpatrick 
Marley Lewis 
Lourdes Lopez and George Skouras 
Bernard Lumpkin and Carmine Buccozzi 
Richard Massey 
The Miami Foundation 
Thea and Robert Mitzman 
Kara and James Moore 
New York Live Arts 
Matt Nielson
Natalie Norfus 
Dalia Oberlander 
Marta Olchyk 

Sheila O’Malley 
Anne Pasternak 
Charlie Pohlad 
Matthew Putman 
Ben Rodriguez-Cubeñas 
Lisa Roumell and Mark Rosenthal 
The Debra and Dennis Scholl Fund 
Jenna and Paul Segal 
Walid Sfeir 
Carla Shen 
Dee Dee Sides and Michael Weissman 
Laurie Silverman 
Robert and Jamie Soros 
Clifford Stober 
Bonnie Su 
Douglas Summer 
The Armory Show 
Sandy Thoyer and Inson Wood 
Tuchman Family Foundation 
Devyn Tyler 
Anu Wahi and Jasmine Wahi 
Terry and Jason Zucker 

Up to $999 

Frederick Abeles 
Cheryl and Ted Abernethy, Jr. 
Krizia L. Alba 
Madeline Alemi 
Kelly Anderson 
Mike Baird 
Bakehouse Art Complex 
John and Federico Beadel 
Dena R. Benavidez 
Michelle Bennett 
Teresita Bermudez 
Stefania Bethlen 
Thomas C. Bolton 
Shelley Booken 
Richard Bookman 
Robert and Deborah Brailas 
Madyson Bryan 
Barbara Burnstine 
Students of the Art Club, Choate Rosemary Hall 
Chris Weinberg Events 
Briana Ciraulo 
Joseph Coconate 
Lee Cohen Hare 
David Cross 
Silvia Karman Cubiñá and Alfredo Cubiñá 
Nick DaCosta 
Yuko Darcy 
Anthony Dargahi 
Crystal Davis 
Maisy Dewey 
Ali Diaz 
Peter and Bonnie Dockter 
Raphael Donofrio 
Jebsen Dorgilus 
Donna Lane and James Downey 
Eliana Du 
Chandel and David Dundee 
Amanda Ens Lipton 
Jonathan and Melinda Fagan 
Bari Fisher 
George Fletcher 
Hayley Foppiani 
Deborah J. Gander 
Lisa Garcia 
Leonard R. Garner, Jr. 
Nancy and Ron Gelles 
Paul Ginter 
Angela Goding 
The Goldbas Family 
Alan L. Gordon 
Christian Gordon 
Cristina Grajales and Isabelle Kirshner 
Sarah Watson Gray 
Anna Groves 

*Denotes in-kind support

Matt Haggman and Danet Linares 
Amanda Halpern 
Jeffrey and Candace Halpern 
Beei Harrison 
Michelle Hellman 
Cecilia Hevia 
Jordan Huelskamp 
Melissa Hunter Davis 
Christine Heesun Hwang 
Mina Iskarous 
Edward and Judith Joyce 
Julie Ann Jurrjens 
Jesse Karp 
Karen and Alan Katz 
Carolyn Keer 
Aubrey Kessler 
Zeenat Khan 
V. Wensley and Wendy Koch 
Dominika Koziol 
Tom Krauskopf 
Beth Kreider 
Janet Krop 
Alyssa Krop-Brandfon and Joshua Brandfon 
Rebekah Lanae Lengel 
Daniel Levy 
Karelle Levy 
Elizabeth Loeper 
Kayla Mak 
Jewel and Adam Malone 
Josybel Martinez 
William McCrery 
Bonnie J. McGarr and Michael B. Lesser 
Hilit Mechaber 
Marieclaire and Alex Mellen 
Kathryn and Dan Mikesell 
Alison Miller 
Jennifer and Jay Mills 
Kevin Milner and Jasmine Hernandez 
Kemp M. Minifie 
Farah Moinuddin and Farhan Khan 
Hana Naiem 
Robert Newman and Judi Prokop Newman 
Blanche Nonoo 
Student Cooperative Association, Ocean Lakes High School 
Mireya Palacios 
Susan L. Papa 
Elizabeth Petersen Hoelle and Will Hoelle 
David Phillips 
Ellen Pilelsky and Roy Oppenheim 
Pilgrim School 
Tara Prakash 
Carly and Michael Rahaman 
Cecile Raubenheimer 

Leslie Reed 
Tanya Reid 
Mauricio Rivera 
Curren and Kip Robbins 
Victoria M. Rogers 
Timothy Rogier 
Debra and Joseph Rogoff 
William and Toby Rohrer 
Margaret Romero 
Johanna Rousseaux 
Rebecca Rovirosa-Capote 
Debra Rusch 
Mary Sabbatino 
Federico Sandoval 
Martin Schultz 
Hans Schuster 
Vernon L. Scott 
Wendy Shanker 
Nicole Shenouda 
Marlene R. Sholod 
Sandra Simon 
Franklin and Jessica Sirmans 
Josh Sotos 
Deborah Spiegelman 
Stephen and Sue Spinelli 
Suzanne and Henry Stolar 
LoRae Stolpp 
Julia Stutts and Jeff Schweiger 
Sunrise Production Rentals LLC 
Thomas Szumowski 
Robert Tappe 
Anya Tatum
Scott Teeter and Peg McCarthy 
Britney Tokumoto 
Michael Trach and Lisa Manning 
Jackie Traurig 
Gwendolyn Tulloch 
Madeline Vera 
Very Good Puzzle 
Jasmine Wahi 
Robert L. Weitz 
Susan Westfall 
Christopher Williams 
Allison and James Wilt 
Lin Xu 
Linda Yu Lam and Terence Lam 
Mary Jo Zimmer, MD 
Stephanie Zoppina 

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