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YoungArts x MyWellbeing
Award Winners

YoungArts x MyWellbeing: Grounding Group (BIPOC)

Saturday, June 19, 2021 | 2:30 pm–3:30 pm EDT

About the Event

Join your BIPOC peers in a safe processing space, provided by MyWellbeing, to unpack anything and everything that is top of mind for you. These spaces are completely confidential. You will be meet with fellow artists and a wellness expert as your guide. There is no agenda, only a safe space to share, learn, and grow, together.

Research confirms that BIPOC individuals and communities face higher rates of trauma and resulting mental health obstacles. Research also shows that artists are more vulnerable to mental health obstacles due to their empathetic and creative intuition. We recognize that the needs of every individual are unique to that person. Identity aspects like race play a tremendous role in our lived experiences and health. MyWellbeing has found over months and years of practice that affiliate spaces where people and communities can freely share and unpack shared experiences is invaluable to our ability to heal, especially for BIPOC individuals and communities.

Ric Mathews, leading expert in the field, yoga instructor and meditation guide in NYC, will support you each month by holding safe space and providing a sounding board of calming, grounding perspective.

Please note: These groups are not formal therapy. If you are experiencing a crisis or life-or-death situation, please consult MyWellbeing’s crisis resources, call 911, or visit your local emergency room. If you are based in New York and would like to match with a therapist for 1:1 work, match with the best therapist or coach fit for you here.